Night Blind - The Movie


Unique among vampires, Isys's legendary powers are both coveted and feared by others of her kind. Tired of leading a sheltered life, she strikes out on her own against the warnings of her protectors. She longs for nothing more than her own quiet country home and her husband by her side instead of continuously being sent away on work for the Vampire Council.

She doesn't make it far before her life turns upside down. Unsettling dreams haunt her and a mysterious figure threatens her life. Unsure of who to trust, Isys must rely on her courage and her mysterious gifts to guide her. Will she achieve the freedom she craves, or will her actions bring disaster to her family and clan?

About the Author

Angel Edenburn is a freelance author, poet, semi-professional belly dancer, and home care attendant from rural Kansas. All of her books utilize elements uniqueto Kansas. Her mild Dyslexia and ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) foster her intriguing outlook on life and her tendency to stay busy. She has taken the self-published route with several novels, a novelette, a poetry book, and a book of short stories, as well as being published in several niche anthologies. She lives near the Little Apple, (Manhattan, Kansas) out in the middle of a big pasture with her fur and feathered "children", most of them orphans or rescues. Horses, dogs, cats, and even chickens call her ranchette home. She has two blogs- one written in character. is her character blog and Angel's Musings can be found at

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